- Profile -
As a calligraphy artist and graphic designer, specializes in the design of visuals and logos with a focus on text.
The sensibility cultivated as a gardener for 10 years untill 2018 has had a significant effect, and in recent years he has produced a work that abstractly captures the beauty of the lines of the characters themselves and holds a solo exhibition.
As a member of L.S.W.F., produced the title of the NHK long historical drama "Sego Don" in 2018 . Formed the paint team RELISH and expanded the field of activities such as Summer Sonic and other events, as well as painting murals for offices of global companies.

-Thoughts towards collaboration-
"Washi" which I use for my own artworks and feel familiar with, is the material that can express its unique analog characteristics such as blurring and shading.
Hope that the letters of KAMITO in various colors and drawn in all directions, overlapping and mixing will lead to a brand concept that aims to contribute to a sustainable society.

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/green_and_black_smith/
HP : https://www.greenandblacksmith.com