Made from Washi

KAMITO is a fabric and product brand made from naturally derived material called “WASHI”, a traditional Japanese paper, manufactured according to the ancient Japanese method and made from sustainable resources like thinned timber and abaca.

Although it is a natural fiber, it is highly functional.

Washi paper is one of Japan’s most fundamental artisanal products.
During 1,300 years of production it has formed the backbone of many other Japanese art forms.

From shoji screens in Japanese houses to skincare, washi paper is deeply ingrained in Japanese life and culture, there are towns built around washi paper making.
We dream of a rich lifestyle that fuses the blessings of nature with Japanese culture.
KAMITO – sustainably made fabric using washi paper – is not only an essential alternative to synthetic fabric but is a way to honor the ancient craft today.

Responsible Materials

SOFTWOOD is a variety of pine and spruce. No part of this tree goes to waste; KAMITO utilizes 100% of harvested trees as useful and sustainable products.

ORGANIC ABACA come from fast-growing trees, making it a sustainable resource. It is especially good at absorbing carbon dioxide and do not produce harmful toxins when incinerated.

CONIFERS are cut down once it has grown to mature heights to let light come to the forest bed, supporting forest protection while new ones are replanted.
The coniferous trees used in KAMITO's washi program are made from thinned wood and waste lumber.

Natural Fiber

KAMITO is natural fiber that offer comfortable benefits:

・Excellent water absorbency
・Anti-bacterial and Deodorant
・Temperature and Humidity control

The porous feature of washi makes it home to great numbers of microorganism that purify air while diffusing bad odors, creating an environment that has natural humidity control (similar to the function of washi-made shoji screens).
Maintaining this naturally porous texture makes KAMITO fabric extremely lightweight and breathable, keeping the body cool even in unusually high heat.

Meticulous Process

Softwood and Abaca pulp are made into paper and then slit into a width of 1 to 2 mm tape with a specially developed machine.
Supple and stretchable Japanese paper thread is created from slit paper by using the patented manufacturing method* of twisting yarn Mr. Toru Itoi from ITOI LSR Co., Ltd. has researched for many years.
This Japanese paper thread is designed to touch 99.9% of washi surface to the skin. It will provide comfortableness on clothing and daily essentials.

Dyeing and finishing is done in conjunction with textile artisans who continue the work of inherited craft such as dorozome, the ancestral mud-dyeing technique.
Each step of creating KAMITO is the result of Japanese craftsmanship.

*The patent number is shown on the product page for products using patented Japanese paper thread.

A Restorative Craft

We understand the significant human impact on environment. Through KAMITO, we hope to contribute to the restoration of the environment, diminish our manufacturing burden and create harmony with the natural world.